Chocozing specializes in exotic center filled chocolates. Every bite would give you a sweet surprise. We use all natural and real ingredients to make our fillings and no essence are used at all.


Classic caramel sauce filled chocolates. Milk, Cream and Sugar treated with love and care to give rich caramel sauce filled in dark chocolates pockets. A must have for all chocolate lovers. The extra sweetness of caramel makes it more delightful.


Dark chocolate bites with the blissful filling of sweet coconut, blended with rich cream. These little bites of goodness will just melt in your mouth.


Enjoy the richness of coffee blended with milk chocolate and coated with dark chocolate. The sweetness of milk chocolate and bitterness of dark chocolate is an excellent combination.

Rich dry fruit

It is a healthy and yet tasty means of eating dry fruits. The dark chocolate bars are loaded with goodness of Almonds, cashew and raisins. Feel the crunch in every bite.

Fruit Punch

Experience the blast of berries in your mouth. Blueberry and raspberry pulp mixed with white chocolate and filled inside dark chocolate pouches. Tastes heavenly..


Tangy strawberry and sweet white chocolate truffle coated with dark chocolate. Good enough to melt every woman’s heart.

Gulkand Pan

A perfect treat to satisfy your after meal sweets craving. It is prepared with the fresh and natural betel leaves along with gulkand mixed with secrete aromatic natural ingredients with milk chocolate.

Peanut Butter

A great combination of sweet and salty flavors. Get a crunch of peanuts in every bite.

Cardamom/Cinnamon Pista

Aromatic Cardamom/Cinnamon and healthy pista mixed together with milk chocolate. It’s a wonderful amalgamation of traditional taste with modern touch.

Oreo Pops

Kid’s favorite Oreo cookies coated with your choice of chocolate with lots of sprinklers to top it. You can’t just eat one.

Cake Pops

Chocolate truffle cake coated with your choice of chocolate. Surprise your loved ones with these little sticks of happiness. It looks like ice-cream but tastes like a cake.

Jar Dessert

It has Layers of cake, crunches and cream in one jar. It’s simply irresistible. Available in four different flavours. A perfect gifting option.